Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Doctor Appointment

Well, tomorrow I will have another doctor’s appointment. I have a long list of questions. What I don't want to hear is anything pertaining to my age. My cycles are like clockwork. I temp every morning, which confirmed ovulation each month. I am finding it hard to find a good doctor that is in my area and covered by my insurance that will do the surgery needed to remove the adhesions.

My goal is to have the herbs I'm taking for the adhesions to work so well I will not need the surgery but I want to cover all my bases. What I'm worried about hearing is he does not see any hope. That my fsh is too high, I'm too old, I have severe adhesions, and any other reason he can come up with. As far as the doctor's are concerned, the adhesions are blocking the egg from getting into my tube.

The last doctor said my tube is completely distorted due to the adhesions. Since I only have, one ovary it's important to get that all cleaned out. It's not only causing a problem with ttc, it is affecting my bowels. That really needs to be dealt with now. I will compose a list of the questions and answers from my appointment tomorrow and post them for everyone. Maybe you will find some useful information. Wish me luck.

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